Hear What Customers Have to Say!

Having lived in the area for over 40 years we have tested many varieties of shoo fly pies, but McClures shoo fly pies are by far the best tasting shoo fly pies around! As the owner of Lighthouse Real Estate, I annually use McClures Shoo Fly Pies as “Thank You” gifts at Christmas! What a great treat… Thanks Doug and company!

Don Shakespeare
Lighthouse Real Estate

Best shoo fly pie in the area and I’ve tried many!

Cindy Hirch

“I love the cakes from McClure’s Bakery! The white iced yellow cake is my favorite!

Cia Carter

“Bought half a lemon cake and a peach pie on my first visit . I will be back.
The lemon cake was delicious.
When I served the peach pie, everyone said it was the best peach pie they ever had!

Bill D.

Amazing variety & selection at crazy good prices!  Nice owner, nice location, just a treasure for our community!

Kelly L.

Pennsylvania Dutch Shoo Fly shipped all the way to Minnesota in perfect condition and delicious. Thanks to McClure’s bakery and my 93 year old grandpa!

Jill Horton

Excellent, the best lemon meringue pie I have ever tasted.
Best coconut custard pie ever. Just awesome

Susan D.

My husband loves shoo fly pie. We have been buying in Lancaster for over 30 years and just last week found McClure’s. What a find! We will definitely be buying McClure’s from now on. Only wish we knew of them sooner. Absolutely the best shoo fly pie.

Anita Ford